About Ricochet


Ricochet Partners came to be over a couple cocktails on a summer day in June 2005. Peter Charlton, award winning Creative Director, Leo Burnett grad and consummate idea man and Jeanne McKirchy-Spencer founder and CEO of White Horse, digital whiz and strategy guru decided to cast their fortunes together and open shop.

Ricochet attracts those of like mind and spirit, passion and determination to create work that builds business for our clients. Believing in story and its power to move people to action, we continue in our craft pushing ourselves and our clients forward.

Ever believing that work should be the best it can be, work the hardest it can work for clients, and so cut through the blather that exists on the glass of the panoply of devices – we continue on our mission of Creating the Best Story & Telling it Well with what we call Clever Relevance™.

We create on many canvases – video, digital, print, web, apps, live events, PR, social. Let’s talk about how we can help you reach your audiences with impact.
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