Off-the-Shelf is off the table

Custom Learning Experiences

Every learning audience is unique, your content is unique and your brand is unique.

Why conform it to an off-the-shelf box? Our passion is letting the content and the audience profiles lead the creative, the form, and the content design. We are not stuffers-of-your-content into an existing course structure. We create custom designed experiences for eLearning and ILT that support, reflect and align with your brand while connecting, teaching and effecting behavioral change in your learners.

We develop courses using web technologies, app technologies and rapid development tools. One size does not fit all. We customize our approach to your learning needs and environment so you’re not just getting a solution, you’re getting the right solution.

We utilize story conventions to create memorability and aid retention and recall. We utilize gamification strategies to propel and reward learners. We use visual design to create learning pathways that intrigue and entertain. By combining imagination, creative interpretation and solid learning theory, we create learning experiences that work – for you, for your learners, and for your company.